Book review by Rakesh ‘Losty’ Khanna

Over the years, many Sanawarians have written many books – on a host of subjects. But how many have written a memoir? To the best of my knowledge, not a single person. At least not until now.

Sanjiv T Lall aka Bablu aka Sanjiv Tandan aka Fatty – Siiwalik house, batch of 1972, brother of Mala Tandan and Gita Tandan – has just published a fascinating account of his life. It has a rather intriguing title, “Rubies In My Ears”.

Fatty appears to have lived many lives in just one. He appears to have experienced the ‘navras’ of life in its rawest expression. And, lived to tell the tale.

Fatty is a natural raconteur. He charts his amazing, myriad life experiences with honesty and a great eye for detail. To paraphrase the view of one of his reviewers: This is a colourful, rambunctious, and lively account…and the intrigue factor remains intact till the end.

Fatty’s fate, volition and passion for life takes him hopscotching all over the world – from Sanawar to Calcutta, Tehran, Moscow, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Munich, Zurich, Hamburg, Geneva, Madrid, Singapore, Hong Kong, Auckland, Dublin, Rome, Perth, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ranchi, and Goa – an action-packed, life-changing roller-coaster of a journey.

His life exemplifies the Sanawarian motto,”Never Give In”, and could well serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to many of us …not just Sanawarians.

Rubies In My Ears can be purchased online at . However, prior to the purchase of the book,the buyer will have to “Register” online with, for which a full address with PIN Code is required. The site will then send a verification code, and one can proceed with the purchase. The book will shortly be available on Amazon as well.

Go for it! — with Sanjiv T Lall.