Review by Archana Lal

It is a very engaging story of a young man venturing out in an unknown world . As the story unfolds over forty years the protagonist is filled out in flesh and blood as his struggles and achievements are tempered with each other. The narration is racy, simple, honest and very endearing. I read it in one go. The character of Sanjiv comes

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“Best of luck. Your thought to impart the knowledge you’ve gained in striving for and achieving success in life is a correct one . Your life’s journey as described so vividly in your book, was not only amazing but also full of incidences portraying uncertainty, hope, determination and a strong will to achieve. Your courage of conviction is amazing. Our best wishes and prayers are always there for you”

General Gaurav SJB Rana,
Chief of Army Staff, Nepal (Retd)

Review by Mark Wilson

Sanjiv Lall’s entertaining biography, Rubies in my Ear, is an attempt to write a modernised, secular conversion story. Just as evangelicals told their life story to inspire others, so does Sanjiv Lall but with an important difference. While evangelicals sought to persuade others to commit their life to God, Continue reading “Review by Mark Wilson”

Review by Umang Kapur

Having known Sanjiv for many years in Ranchi, before he ventured out to New Zealand, which was one of the low phases in his life.He never really mentioned much about his earlier life in Europe as he is very much an introvert. Reading his book and going through his life’s crazy journey, Continue reading “Review by Umang Kapur”

Review by Shailaja Khanna

Its an honest unapologetic account of a life with many ups and downs. the anecdotal , unself conscious style makes great reading. I truly found it hard to put down!

Review by Gokul Tandan

Rubies in My Ears – Review Informative, Racy, Sensitive, Educative – an engrossing roller coaster ride of a colourful, and very diverse life across many global cities, cultures and relationships with a life Essence / Spirit that has overcome innumerable personal & professional challenges.

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Review by Robin Nakai

Rubies in my Ears is an amazing saga of the loves, travels, defeats and successes of Sanjiv T Lall. Following the words of Rudyard Kipling, emblazened on the walls of Lawrence School Sanawar – Send him to Sanawar and make a Man of Him – are the very word that have formed the actions of Sanjiv’s life . Continue reading “Review by Robin Nakai”

Review by Sonny P Kumar

Travel is deeply ingrained in our psyche. The world wouldn’t be what it is today if humans hadn’t ventured out of Africa a long time ago. This is a migrant’s story, someone who ventured out of his homeland, embraced the challenges and opportunities that came his way and made an honest attempt to give it his best shot. Continue reading “Review by Sonny P Kumar”

Review by Rakesh Khanna

Sanjiv Lal, a Baby Boomer has published a fascinating account of his extraordinary life – the kind of life that would be the envy of most Millennials! The author, a self-confessed “ordinary student” (who studied at Lawrence School Sanawar and St. Xavier’s college), appears to have lived many lives in just one. Continue reading “Review by Rakesh Khanna”