Review by Ferida Satarawala Chopra

“Rubies in my Ears”- what an unusual title for a book authored by a man! And then, one opens the book and reads…..and doesn’t put it down till the last page is done. This non- fiction book proves the adage “truth is stranger than fiction”.

Sanjiv, in re-telling his life story takes us with him around the world in most unusual circumstances. He carries the reader through all his ups and downs, twists and turns…….. the book speaks to you, and that for me is story telling at its best. Sanjiv honestly reveals himself to be an average student with little or no family support, but a courageous man, who lived life wholeheartedly, taking opportunities offered to him with both hands, opportunities most of us would have missed and do miss because we are risk averse……and therein lies the lesson behind the tale ……. “Rubies in my Ears” is certainly one of the must-read books of 2018; its interesting, its fun and it made me think.