Review by Robin Nakai

Rubies in my Ears is an amazing saga of the loves, travels, defeats and successes of Sanjiv T Lall. Following the words of Rudyard Kipling, emblazened on the walls of Lawrence School Sanawar – Send him to Sanawar and make a Man of Him – are the very word that have formed the actions of Sanjiv’s life .

The adventures of a young man , from the streets of Calcutta to the land of Shah Reza Phallavi in Iran , and the intrepid journeys of love , businesses and adventures across the globe in a short span of time , is the amazing tapestry of a life well lived . Sanjiv , like Dylan has found his answers to his questions of self esteem and capabilities, even though the answers were blowing in the wind . The novella is a bible for those who are faced with self doubt and the lack of confidence of their own self esteem . Merle the young German lass reads the verses of Khalil Gibran , in which lies the fragments of Rubies in my Ears . “ If I don’t get lost , How wil I find my way … Khalil Gibran .