Review by Gokul Tandan

Rubies in My Ears – Review Informative, Racy, Sensitive, Educative – an engrossing roller coaster ride of a colourful, and very diverse life across many global cities, cultures and relationships with a life Essence / Spirit that has overcome innumerable personal & professional challenges.

A collage of some 33 biographical short snippets – stories that vividly etch life’s evolution, passages, & transformational capacity -inter-weaving learnings and experiences from adolescence, family spirit and values, friendships, love and business – over 6 decades in a multi-cultural & globally diverse environment with piquant simplicity and humility.

Luck is when Preparedness meets Opportunity. Sanjiv’s huge power of Positive Energy, Self -Belief, Quick-Silver Selling Skills, Perserverance, Gumption and Guts to Glory from very humble beginnings and in very trying circumstances are to be admired and can serve as an Inspiration for all readers – young and old. I was of-course fortunate and privileged to have a near ring-side view of much that the book captures. Gokul Tandan