Review by Amrita Nakai

I read ‘Rubies in my Ears’ late into the night! A thoroughly readable and interesting autobiography- honest and heart rending at times, a story worth sharing and one certainly understands and becomes involved in all Sanjivs life’s journeys, which he has so skillfully narrated.

Review by Sucheta Visvanathan

An inspirational well written book. Sanjiv takes you on a roller coaster ride with him. Really enjoyed reading it.

Review by Ajai Chowdhry

If I didn’t know Sanjiv, I would have assumed that it’s all fiction! But that’s what makes for great reading. I read it in one sitting. Very well written and so pacy. So much to learn for those who are starting off in life.

Review by Sarah Kedgley

‘RUBIES IN MY EARS’, I enjoyed this book. In fact I couldn’t put it down which surprised me greatly ! An entertaining life story of an Indian from youth to maturity searching for something to do in life. He did heaps and learns fast. A real character ! ****

Review by Sonny P Kumar

Travel is deeply ingrained in our psyche. The world wouldn’t be what it is today if humans hadn’t ventured out of Africa a long time ago. This is a migrant’s story, someone who ventured out of his homeland, embraced the challenges and opportunities that came his way and made an honest attempt to give it his best shot. Continue reading “Review by Sonny P Kumar”