Review by Sonny Chhatwal

Review disclaimer: I have know Sanjiv (Bablu) pretty much most of my life. We were in boarding school together, kept in touch during college days, during the many years we both were abroad, and then have been in regular touch since we both returned to India.

We have shared many good times, to include the few he selected to mention in his book. Objectively reviewing “ Rubies in my ears” is actually not difficult, because it actually merits a review. This is notwithstanding the fact that it is written by a close buddy, who I thought was not cut out to write a book that any one would actually want to read. How wrong was I ! Rubies in my ears is fast paced, makes easy reading, and keeps the reader totally engrossed. Simple, yet delightfully light styled. Reading the book was as if I had ring side seats to the stories unfolding in the book’s chapters, and yet I would not have enjoyed it any less had I not known Sanjiv. An inspiring collection of life’s events that collaborates “ nothing ventured, nothing gained” and our school motto “never give in”. Sanjiv’s book is a passionate narration of key moments from his life, which he has lived adventurously, and proved that “success” is many dimensional and comes to those that endevour. A worthy read, and a perfect compliment to enjoy flight time. A factual correction: he mysteriously leaves out a lot of other women in his life…. well I guess one has to be somewhat circumspect!