Review by reviews4you

An inspirational story

Sanjiv T. Lall’s Rubies In My Ears is a memoir that works mostly because it is written with heart. It is a detailed account of Lall’s journey of his life which he presents through various incidents and anecdotes that happen in various points of his life. He decided to write his book in his 50s so it is commendable how he remembered every single detail of all

incidents mentioned. As a reader, I was sucked into his story at the word go and it was so engrossing that I finished the book in two sittings. His journey includes his school and college life and all the various jobs and travelling he did around the world. His stint in Iran was the best part of the whole book, according to me. I also enjoyed reading about his travels around Europe. His bosses were all gems and Lall got really lucky in that department. He also talks about various relationships he had throughout his life. I found Sakshi’s character quite interesting.

Lall has written this book for people who feel a little lost in life and are unable to decide what they want from it. Lall starts with absolutely nothing but what works for him is his never give up attitude, his determination and hardwork. Although luck also played a big role in his life acting like a catalyst for his achievements. Lall either knew how to milk opportunities like he did when he opened a SAP consultancy or his luck came through while he was in Iran. Either way, you will learn persistance and preserverance from him which he had in abandunce. Personally, I believe he was quite a street smart and knew his way around situations and also how to get out of adverse ones as he did in Russia and France. I was also impressed with his ability to take risks and also take failure in his stride or on his chin.

I would highly recommend this book as it is a crash course in how to achieve success even when nothing works in your favor. It teaches you how to get yourself in favourable situations and get out when they stop working for you. All in all, this book is a five star read.